I am a professional entertainer who brings great music, meaning, exquisite voice, and laughter to the stage with one purpose: to brighten your world.

Since I was a child, I’ve sung and lived on stage.  My mom was a stage director and my sister and brothers and I always played the kids in her shows.  We did children’s theatre in our hometown of Indianola, Iowa.  Everywhere I go, I visit the most amazing stages in town.  The stage is my cathedral, my safe place.  I feel most at home on stage with smell of make up and musty costumes and the blinding glint of the spotlight.  Not very glamorous I know.  But I simply love it.

I hear the world through the ears of a singer.  I join into the ongoing opera of life by singing. As a child I sang myself to sleep because nothing seemed as calming as the soothing sounds of my own voice.  As a teenager, I sang be popular, winning competitions and getting lots of attention.  Studying singing in college turned me around.  There was so much I didn’t know and couldn’t do.  Now I am still studying singing, every day of my life.  Now I sing from my entire being whether or not I have an audience.  I am happy that people love my singing but I do it because I am called to sing.  Even when I give lectures, workshops or private lessons, I still warm up first and present like a singer because that’s what I am, through and through.

I have tons of experience singing oratorio with symphony orchestras and choruses.  My voice is a powerful lyric coloratura and my expertise is floating high notes.  This makes my a natural for such pieces as Brahms Requiem, Mozart Requiem, Haydn Masses, Fauré Requiem and Saint-Saens Christmas Oratorio.  Poulenc Gloria is one of my favorites as is the Dvorak Te Deum.  Of course I sing the soprano solos in The Messiah by Handel most years.

Opera, chamber music and art songs are all thrilling to me.  Soon, I will post some clips so stay tuned.

Check out my duo:  Kristof & Kane

Check out my trio:  SiLK



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