The 21st Century Singer

The 21st Century Singer is an online information center that was built for the singer who needs a little leg up to get that singing career started or to keep it going. The tools on this site are based on the research done for the book: The 21st Century Singer-Making the Leap from the University into the World and have been time tested by lots of singers since 2012. As new trends emerge, more tools are offered to help the singer gain the knowledge and skill necessary to be successful in the real world.


It’s a big wide world out there. Anything is truly possible. Its normal to need a little help as you make this great leap and start the exciting and terrifying journey to making your dreams come true. They say it takes five to seven years to get your career going after you graduate and get started. The 21st Century Singer is here to give you the little boosts you need along the way. Engage with this site daily. Browse the free offerings, the little but mighty subscriptions, the webinars, even the live events. These products are meant to get you out there singing as well, as often, and for as high a fee as possible!


By the way, this site is for any singer at any age. Your transition might be after having your kids or putting your spouse through school or simply wanting to change your life. You don’t have to come from any sort of formal school. Your experience is education enough. Making the leap into the life of singing takes courage and everyone needs a little help. Let us help you make your dreams come true!


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