Make a Contribution with Your Voice

Activate your voice today. There are so many people that need a song or a fundraising concert or a consciousness raising concert right now. I have so many friends in Northern California who are suffering from the huge devastation from the fires. They need clothes, undies, shoes, a blanket. I’ll bet you could get together a few friends for a concert to collect these items and get them delivered. Puerto Ricans are still suffering without electricity or running water. A concert of Puerto Rican music, or any kind of music, really could do the trick to provide at least a little help to a few families or a couple of kids. All you have to do is find a worthy not-for-profit group who is doing that work and donate your ticket sales to them. What about the undocumented students at your school? They could use a little awareness from the world about what they are going through right now. Or how about a little truth and beauty to stop people fighting over politics for a few minutes.

Each and every singer needs more performing hours, more fans, more good will in the world. A concert that you give for others benefits both you and others. It is a win-win proposition. I challenge you go to out today and set up a concert for this weekend, or next.

In the spirit of walking the talk, I will organize my voice students at Cal State LA to do the same with their December 2nd Vocal Forum. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you do plan some sort of contribution with your singing, please let us know at

Get out there and put your voice to good use!

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