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Women Composers Through the Ages

Her Music: A residency focused on performance and study of women composers of piano and vocal music with Katharine Boyes (acclaimed pianist of the CD Unveiling the Achievements of Women) and Susan Mohini Kane (acclaimed soprano of the CDs A Moment of Joy & From the Heart and author of The 21st Century SingerMaking the Leap from the University into the World, Oxford, 2015).

Katharine Boyes and Susan Mohini Kane have been researching, writing about and performing piano and vocal works by women composers for decades. Both artists have their DMAs from The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music where they studied piano and vocal performance respectively and minored in Women in Music under the guidance of Dr. Karin Pendle (author of Women in Music.) Besides being accomplished performers these artists are seasoned college professors. Katharine and Susan have been studying and performing classical music by women composers together for many years. Their tour of music by Fanny Hensel took them all over North Carolina and the Los Angeles area.

Possible Sessions of Our Residency at Your Institution or Organization:

Session One: Her Pieces of the Night concert. (45-90 minutes) Pianist, Katharine Boyes and soprano, Susan Mohini Kane present a musical experience, that highlights how, across centuries and cultures, women have been inspired to express their unique musical portraits of the night.

Sets available for Her Pieces of the Night include:

I. Classics (19th century): “Nocturne” by Louise Ferrenc, “Nachtwanderer” by Fanny Hensel, “Mein Stern” by Clara Schumann, and “La Haine” by August Holmes

II. Fin-de-siecle French & Spanish: “Dream of the Sea” by Teresa Carreno, “L’heure exquise” by Poldowski, “Noche azul” by M.L. D’Orsay/Maria Lluisa Ponsa, Bercsuse Cosaque by Pauline Viardot.

III. Season’s Evenings: “Evensong-Cantos for the End of Summer” by Gwyneth Walker, “Sommernacht” by Alma Mahler, “Soir d’hiver” by Nadia Boulanger, and “Evensong” by Liza Lehmann.

IV. 20th Century Dreaming: “Noctorno Nasqueno by Gabrielle Lena Frank, “Night” by Florence Price, “Dreamin’ Time” by Lily Strickland, “Dreamin’ Town” by Ethel Heir, and “When the Shy Star Goes Forth” by Marion Bauer.

V. 21st Century Woman’s Nights: “Twilight” by Diana Rhabee, ” Noche Serena” by Ana Liera Carnero, “Wild Nights” by Lauri Laitman.

Session Two: Master Classes (1-3 hours)

I. Pianist, Katharine Boyes presents a master class for pianists as both soloists and collaborators.

II. Soprano, Susan Monini Kane presents a masterclasses for singers on technique and presentation.

III. Combined Master Class: Katharine and Susan work together on a piece with student performers (pianists, singers, collaborators, and chamber musicians).

Session Three: TED Talk Style Lectures or lecture recitals on issues around women composers, pedagogy, online teaching tools, and music entrepreneurship.

I. Women Composers Update (Boyes/Kane): Where are women composers now in the full canon of classical music? Why is it taking so long to achieve equality?

II. Use of Repertoire by Women in the Studio (Boyes/Kane): How does this repertoire enhance pedagogy? Is there such a thing as a “woman’s voice”? Some wonderful pieces by women for piano and voice at every level.

III. Helpful Tools and Tips for Online Teaching (Boyes): Teaching women’s studies or other topics online.

IV. The 21st Century Performing Artist (Kane): Based on her book The 21st Century Singer – Making the Leap from the University into the World Susan Mohini Kane discusses being a Performing Artist in the 21st Century, including new platforms for performances, meaningful community engagement, rethinking your approach to your career, and lots of examples of people “making it” today!

Session Four: round table discussions with faculty and students on any of the topics above as pertains to your school or organization.

Session Five: Interdisciplinary Workshop with women dancers, sculpters, poets, painters, film makers, etc.

Session Six: Workshops for choral groups on vocal technique and diction

Katharine Boyes, CD Review

“Boyes performs…with grace and precision; her flawless technique and subtle interpretations…brings the listener to new and wondrous heights.” — The International Alliance for Women in Music Journal, Spring 2002

Boyes plays with sensitivity, insight and bursts of bravura…in command of everything she takes on, both musically and technically. — Winston-Salem Journal, December 2, 2001

From the Artist-Katharine Boyes, pianist

Why is this CD important? Through my musical studies in England and the U.S.A., I discovered that there are many fine women composers and their works which have not received the attention and acclaim they merit. Determined to educate the public and promote the music of women composers, my doctoral thesis discussed the music of two women composers also featured on this CD, Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel and Judith Lang Zaimont, and their music that portrays the months of the year. This became the source of inspiration for the CD and my research has provided materials for future lectures, recitals, and other projects.

About the Artist, Katharine Boyes

Katharine Boyes, a native of England, has performed recitals throughout Great Britain and the U.S.A., and has been featured on BBC Radio and American Public Radio. She received her Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Cincinnati, and also studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London and the San Francisco Conservatory. Katharine is a faculty member at Wake Forest University, Salem College, and North Carolina School of the Arts. She frequently gives lecture-recitals on the works of women composers.

You can hear her music by pressing here.

This is Katharine’s very beautiful CD of music by women composers. Press here to order one for yourself.
Katharine is a fierce and focused player

Susan Mohini Kane: performing artist, professor, and author of The 21st Century Singer: Making the Leap from the University into the World published by Oxford University Press. 

American soprano, teacher, and author, Susan Mohini Kane, has enjoyed a versatile career as an established classical and crossover vocal artist as well as an author and tenured professor of voice and opera at Cal State LA.  Kane’s “crystal-clear voice and impeccable technique” (LA Culture Spot Magazine) has kept her teaching and performing professionally for over two decades. Kane’s book: The 21st Century Singer, Making the Leap from the University into the World, has been called “A must-read for any emerging singer” by iCadenza Artists.  Kane has recorded two CDs.: MOMENT OF JOY “a truly inspirational disc” and FROM THE HEART: MUSIC FOR CALM, INSPIRATION, AND WELLNESS. Dr. Kane holds both an MM and DMA from The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Visit www.the21stcenturysinger.com and www.smkane.com.

Susan’s favorite songs and arias. Press here to get one.
Music for Wellness, Calm, and Inspiration
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Susan Mohini Kane loves performing.
This is Katharine and Susan in North Carolina