Her Music

Her Pieces of the Night – A Concert of Nocturns & Art Songs by Women

Pianist, Katharine Boyes and soprano, Susan Mohini Kane present a musical experience, that highlights how, across centuries and cultures, women have been inspired to express their unique musical portraits of the night.

In addition to the Her Pieces of the Night concert, special programs are available including:

  1. masterclasses for singers and pianists, collaborators, and chamber musicians;
  2. lectures on women composers, pedagogy, online teaching tools, and music entrepreneurship; and
  3. round table discussions. 

Susan’s good friend and old pal from college at Cincinnati Conservatory (CCM), Katharine Boyes, is a fabulous pianist. You will love listening to her beautiful playing. You can hear her music by pressing here. Katharine and Susan have been studying and performing classical music by women composers together for many years. Their tour of music by Fanny Hensel took them all over North Carolina and the Los Angeles area.

This is Katharine’s very beautiful CD of music by women composers. Press here to order one for yourself.
Katharine is a fierce and focused player
Susan’s favorite songs and arias. Press here to get one.
Music for Wellness, Calm, and Inspiration
Press here to get a copy
Susan Mohini Kane loves performing.
This is Katharine and Susan in North Carolina