12-12-12 Kristof & Kane in Duel Duet at Gardenia

12-12-12 Kristof & Kane in Duel Duet at The Gardenia – Come Rain or Come Shine!

Both Kristof Van Grysperre and Susan Kane hold doctorates in music from from distinguinshed conservatories: Kristof from USC, and Kane from the Cincinnati Convervatory of Music. This show, directed by Belgian film director, Lieven Debrauwer, has been presented at the Tinnenpot Theatre in Ghent, and made its Los Angeles premiere at The Gardenia in October, where it stunned those in attendance through the sheer musical command of these two performers.

Scripted as farce, its storyline serves as a clever vehicle to present such divergent yet juicy fare as material from Sondheim’s Company along with selections from Piaf and Puccini to Betty Boop to the piloerecting Flower Duet from Lakmé—perhaps even more affecting heard in the intimacy of The Gardenia than at The Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Less “Ricky and Lucy go to the opera,” and more “Victor Borge and Anna Russell come to The Gardenia,” their show has an appeal that extends not only to regular Gardeniaphiles but also to any of the town’s classical music enthusiasts who appreciate a healthy dose of sophisticated musical humor. (Tom Rolla, proprietor of Gardenia)

Gardenia 323-467-7444 Dinner from 7pm & Showtime 9pm

TICKETS: $15 (door), $12 (reservations)
$9 (students/seniors)/Min 2 drinks

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