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Susan Mohini Kane

My name is Susan Mohini Kane.  I’ve always been a singer songwriter.  Later on I also became a teacher and grew eventually into a college professor.  Later still, I became an author, mostly for the sake of my students.  Now I am all three:  singer, professor and songwriter or book writer in fairly equal measures.  My topic, my beloved, my raison d’etre is SINGING.

Like the tree, I work from the firm grounding of centuries of musical tradition (deep roots) while reaching for beauty, inspiration and authenticity here and now (blooming branches).

I sing a cappella, with my guitar or ukulele, accompanied by my great colleagues, in chamber settings, outside at weddings, in great halls accompanied by symphony orchestras, and in my living room.  I am a classically trained singer, really trained by the best teachers in the business like Barbara Honn, Elsa Charlston and Albert Gammon.

Susan Kane & Barbara Honn
Susan Kane & Barbara Honn
Beloved voice teacher: Elsa Charlston

I sing classical music (opera, oratorio, art song, chamber music), but I also sing folk songs, American Songbook, some pop music and some songs that I write for myself to sing.  I sing for audiences big and small.  I sing to my problems.  I sing.  I sing like it matters… because it does.

I teach singing at the university and in my private studio.  I recognized a long time ago that other’s were also put on this earth to sing and sometimes they need help being the best singer they can be.  I truly and deeply enjoy helping my students find the inner sensations that make them sound great.  Though I’m well-versed in vocal pedagogy, a great man I once knew said, “Pedagogy is not creativity.”  Singers need to know how to make great sounds, not the names of their laryngeal muscles.  OK, as a teacher I need to know the names of the laryngeal muscles and how they work and I do.  That’s the easy stuff.  Now, how to harness sensations and energy into amazing vocal tones filled with emotion, creativity, and soul that’s another story.  That’s the only story I’m truly interested in.

Susan is so proud of student Amada Dominguez after her masters recital!
Susan is so proud of student Amada Dominguez after her masters recital!

I give lectures on singing or on specific areas of vocal music.  These lectures tend to become little articles, workshops or books.  Writing them down seemed quiet silly to me at first.  I used to say, “No one can learn singing from reading.  You have to sing to learn how to sing better!”  I still believe that.  Writing or lectures, no matter how interactive I try to make them, will always fall short of actually performing the act of singing.  This recognition aside, I sometimes get inspired by reading the words of Madame Tetrazzini on the art of singing. My students and colleagues have insisted that it is sometimes helpful and enjoyable to read about singing. So, that’s why I write about it.  It’s also fun to weigh in on current thought on pedagogy or performance practice.  I get inspired by other’s articles or books and then enjoy writing a response on my blog.  I don’t know if the authors ever read them, but it is still fun for me and hopefully helpful for you.

Dr. Susan W. Kane presenting at ICVT7 in Paris, July, 2009
Dr. Susan W. Kane presenting at ICVT7 in Paris, July, 2009

I offer beautiful singing, a unique vantage point for lectures and publications and an inspiring and trustworthy approach to private and group teaching.

Some testimonials:  “…crystal clear voice and impeccable technique.” LA Culture Spot Magazine

“Her voice was so powerful and soothing…a pleasure to the ear.” PCC Courier

“Susan Kane is a constant source of inspiration.” Joseph Garate, tenor student.

As performing artist we are all seeking relevance and inspiration.  Please contact me so we can continue our conversation or make great music together.  email:


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