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By Susan Mohini Kane

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Paperback |  978-0-19-936428-2

Susan Mohini Kane is a professional entertainer and teacher who brings great music, meaning, and laughter onto the stage and into the studio. She is also professor of voice and director of opera at California State University, Los Angeles. Kane has been an invited master teacher at the New Israeli Opera Young Artist Program in Tel Aviv and an invited lecturer for the Los Angeles Opera’s Education and Community Programs on the topic of “Training the Next Generation of Opera Singers.” In addition, she is an accomplished solo performer and a member of the piano/soprano duo Kristof & Kane.

Despite the fact that talented singers are discovered every day, there are far too few jobs in the field of to accommodate all of them, a problem evidenced by regular reports of opera companies and symphony orchestras closing their doors. With The 21st Century Singer: Making the Leap from the University into the World, author Susan Mohini Kane has created a user-friendly guide for these recent graduates. Kane combines the benefits of an instructional manual with those of a self-reflective workbook to provide emerging classical singers with both practical and inspirational advice. She begins with a section on self-evaluation, allowing readers to define what motivates their desire to sing professionally and reflect on their passions, before moving on to career advice. In the sections that follow, Kane presents a variety of career paths, such as singing, teaching, and consulting, and provides the reader with the tools to develop a concrete plan for whichever path they decide to pursue. With its dual emphasis on artistic motivation and modern-day business sense, The 21st Century Singer will prove an essential text for anyone pursuing a professional singing career.

Features   Offers practical advice for those beginning a career in an artistic field that often proves difficult to navigate  Takes a holistic approach to professional development for classical singers new to the job market  Includes exercises in both practical planning and introspection

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