It is becoming common knowledge that music is a high impact, low cost intervention for pain and stress relief.  Susan Kane and Sunha Yoon (along with producer and recording engineer, Kristof Van Grysperre) have created an entire CD of vocalizes with the stated purpose of calming and relaxing the listener.  This amazing project is perfect for morning meditation, yoga, journalling, and just sitting around with a glass of wine after work.  It is good calming background music that creates a lovely atmosphere. It is available now on Amazon, iTunes, and CD baby.

Selections include:

Vocalise-étude by G. Fauré, Vocalise-étude by O. Messiaen, Pastorale by I. Stravinsky, Vocalise by S. Rachmaninoff, Fleurs (no words) by F. Poulenc, Si mes vers afaient des ailes (no words) by R. Hahn, Les chemins de l’amour (no words) by F. Poulenc, Morgen (no words) by R. Strauss, Ostersonntag (no words) by H. Eisler, An den kleine Radioapparat (no words) by H. Eisler, Separation (no words) by M. Dring, Falling in Love Again (no words) by Hollaender, Lou Bailero b J. Cantaloube.


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