Reviews from Kane’s book:

The 21st Century Singer-Making the Leap from the University into the World (Oxford, 2015)

“Kane’s thoughtful yet disciplined approach as outlined in The 21st Century Singer, encourages the kind of self-reflection and creativity that, at the very least, can lend direction and big-picture perspective to career goals while also rekindling a love of singing.” ~Brian Manternach (Classical Singer Magazine, October 2015)

“In the research for this book, she [Kane] encountered many singers who have found nontraditional ways to make a living from their art. The discovery transformed her from a pessimist to an optimist about the value of a degree in vocal performance. Even more sweeping, however, is her realization that “singers who lead can change the world.” All of this is heartening for singers who are graduating with a degree in vocal performance.” ~Debra Grashner (NATS Journal of Singing, October/November 2015)

Reviews from Kane’s Solo CD: A Moment of Joy

“Her [Kane’s] accompanist Kristof Van Gryspeer is always sympathetic and responsive to both Kane’s voice and the wide variety of moods and styles represented on this CD. 
This is a CD to enjoy in the company of a gifted and enthusiastic singer: it explores ground rarely traversed by better known artists. A singular pleasure.” 
 John France for Music Web International & The Land of Lost Content British Music Blog []

“Graced with the sensitive yet powerful piano playing of Kristof Van Gryspeer, this series of art songs and arias brings phrase after phrase of artful music in the true spirit of the art song, which calls for a performance of both the voice and the piano as opposed to merely songs that are accompanied. . . . the clear and vibrant soprano tones practically lull the listener into a meditative state until the singer intones a brilliant high note so effortlessly as to melt away the meditative state and spin a sound that dazzles. . . . The project is easy listening at its most sophisticated, and includes brilliance from beginning to end.”  Rich McKinney from “Multiple Moments of Joy”


Reviews from Kane’s performance as Micaela in La tragédie de Carmen

Kane sings with “…crystal clear voice and impeccable technique…” LA Culture Spot Magazine Theodore Bell (La tragédie de Carmen)

“Her [Kane’s] voice was so powerful and soothing that all her minimal moments on stage were a pleasure to the ear.  … Kristof Van Gryspeer, who conducts the orchestra, does an excellent job in capturing the mood of every moment on the stage.” Miguel Lopez (Pasadena City College Courier, April 29, 2009)

 Review of Kristof and Kane’s Classical Cabaret show:  Duel Duet

Both Kristof Van Grysperre and Susan Kane hold doctorates in music from from distinguinshed conservatories:  Kristof from USC, and Kane from the Cincinnati Convervatory of Music.  This show, directed by Belgian film director, Lieven Debrauwer, has been presented at the Tinnenpot Theatre in Ghent, and made its Los Angeles premiere at The Gardenia in October, where it stunned those in attendance through the sheer musical command of these two performers.   

Scripted as farce, its storyline serves as a clever vehicle to present such divergent yet juicy fare as material from Sondheim’s Company along with selections from Piaf and Puccini to Betty Boop to the piloerecting Flower Duet from Lakmé—perhaps even more affecting heard in the intimacy of The Gardenia than at The Walt Disney Concert Hall.  

Less “Ricky and Lucy go to the opera,” and more “Victor Borge and Anna Russell come to The Gardenia,” their show has an appeal that extends not only to regular Gardeniaphiles but also to any of the town’s classical music enthusiasts who appreciate a healthy dose of sophisticated musical humor.  (Cabaret West Newsletter November 2012) 



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